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About Us

Woof Meow Rescue is a 501(c)(3) foster-based, volunteer community that strives to better the lives of homeless pets by providing housing, training, medical care, and home settings for minimized stress levels while they are waiting for their forever homes.


In the process, we hope to help relieve local shelters that may dealing with over population, long lengths of stay, and medical or behavioral needs beyond their capabilities.

Woof Meow Rescue is determined to provide the animals in our care with proper placement and provides post-adoption support for all adopters.

Who Are We?



Founder, President

Ally Verba is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, Certified Training and Behavior Consultant, and a Fear Free Certified Animal Trainer. She began her career in the Rescue world back in 2009 when she first started volunteering in California at Family Dog Rescue and Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. Soon after embarking on this new journey she decided to dedicate her life to helping animals in need.


Ally has been a key staff member to multiple open and limited admission shelter Behavior Departments including Asheville Humane Society, Contra Costa Animal Shelter, East Bay SPCA, and in her current role as Shelter Welfare Research Assistant with Virginia Tech's Applied Animal Behavior & Welfare Lab. Even though Ally has poured thousands of hours into helping Shelters and Rescues help their animals, it still wasn't enough which is why she decided to dive right into her passion project... Woof Meow Rescue.

Through Ally's work with Woof Meow Rescue she hopes to help the community view the rescue world in a new light... free from biases, breed labels, and assumptions based on an animals appearance. 



Board of Directors

Ally Northam moved to Asheville in 2013 to join a global clothing retailer in the international supply chain field where she continues that full time. Prior to relocating, she spent time volunteering with the SPCA of Southwest Michigan and has always had an enormous soft-spot for animals of all kinds. Her current fur baby is a rescued, 10 year old, miniature dachshund named Frida.


Ally’s great love of humanity’s 4-legged friends helped to bring her and WMR together where she started by offering her talent and love for photography to capture the adorable faces of each rescue animal in our care. Since we’ve met Ally, she has graciously (and enthusiastically) expanded her role. In addition to her stellar photography services, she volunteers her time with WMR to drive our community outreach projects as well as rally food and supply donations from local and national retailers.



Board of Directors

Rachel Eure moved to Asheville in the fall of 2018 with hopes of making a direct impact on the lives of pets in Western North Carolina. Before moving to North Carolina, Rachel lived and worked in New Orleans, LA. During her time in NoLA, Rachel worked as a Humane Law Enforcement officer and gained firsthand experience with the hardships that pet owners face every day. This experience cultivated Rachel's understanding and love of the bond between owners and pets. Rachel now works everyday to help owners find ways to keep their pets safely and happily in their homes.

WMR's commitment to ensuring that all of the dogs in their care experience their best lives possible is what originally caught Rachel's attention. She first began volunteering with WMR in an effort to help more people find the four-legged love of their lives. Rachel then quickly understood that foster-based rescue organizations, like WMR, are essential for lessoning the burden on local shelters and for increasing the number of pets adopted into their forever homes.



Board of Directors



Board of Directors



Advisor to the Board

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