Searching for your new best friend? 

Below are the animals we have that are currently available for adoption (or will be available soon). If you are interested in meeting or learning more about any one in specific please fill out an adoption application. 

Mackie, Male

5 months

Adoption Fees


AdultS (7Months+) $150

Puppies (6 Months or under) $200


Adults $50

Kittens $100

Adoption Process

  • Submit Application​

  • Schedule Meet and Greet

  • If it's a Fit... ADOPT!!

Here at Woof Meow Rescue we are strong believers that every animal is an individual.

There is so much that goes into play when it comes to the behavior of each animal, that we do not feel it is fair to label them with any specific "breed label" based on appearance. 


Rather than focusing on assumptions and expectations based on how a dog looks, we would much rather have a conversation about each individual dog's observed and documented behavior. By opening up this dialogue we can best determine what pet will fit best into your family, lifestyle, and heart.


So let's leave common misconceptions behind and have a life saving conversation!

“There is so much behavioral variability within each breed, and even more within breed mixes, that we cannot reliably predict a dog’s behavior or his suitability for a particular adopter based on breed alone. Each dog is an individual.”

-Amy Marder, VMD, CAAB

Policy and Research Consultant National Canine Research Council

But what BREED is that dog?